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The in's & the outs

Taking a child on a winter holiday can seem like a daunting task, but with the right planning, and a bit of t4 Nanny insider knowledge, it can be the most rewarding holiday you’ll ever have.

Childcare Ratios and Ages

We care for children from 4 months old - 18 years old. 
We care for all children, including families with Special Needs.

We charge Per Nanny - not Per Child! 

1:1 for Under ones*
2 Children Per Nanny (12 months - 3 years)

4 children Per Nanny (3 years +)

*Ratios may vary depending on your family's needs, please chat with our t4 team to discuss what's suitable for your family.

*All children that we have in our t4nanny care must be booked through our bookings system. If you wish to add additional children to your booking, this MUST be done so via our booking process and additional charges will occur.

The right nanny for your family

Prior to your booking, we endeavour to learn as much as we can about the needs and goals of your family, so that when we are able to, we can offer the best nanny or manny fit to you.  We encourage all of our new and returning families booking with us, to share as much information as they can about how we can best meet the needs of your little ones and ensure the whole family has an unforgettable holiday experience in the French Alps.

Meeting Your Nanny

Before you arrive in Resort your nanny team will set up a Wats App group or text you to introduce themselves and check in on your travels. On the first day of your booking, your fantastic, amazing and wonderful nanny will meet with you and your family, eager to learn about your little ones soothers, they will also be equipped with age appropriate crafts and activities to help everyone get familiar with one another and build a safe and fun relationship.

Planning The Day

Our nannies plan out their days by establishing the needs and interests of your child/children. Whether it be cozy craft time indoors, sensory play, sight seeing or diving into the snowy outdoors, our nannies go above and beyond to succeed in giving your child the ultimate fun filled holiday experience. Our nannies plan around what you as a family want on your holiday, if thats meeting you each day for lunch or factoring extra pool time, we can do it all, we pride ourselves on how flexible we are.

Your Childs Day

Every day one of our nannies will come to your accommodation and take the children out on an Adventure or Activity!  With so much to do, like a trip to the farm or whizzing on a sledge, our nannies make sure the little ones have fun filled days. If our nannies are coordinating indoor play, we love to play with arts & crafts, we take out little ones to the Library and soft play when its not quite Blue Bird weather.  

The End Of The Day

We know how much it means to our families to feel apart of all the joys their little ones experience throughout their day, so our nannies keep you involved in all that your child gets up to by sharing photos, arts, craft and talking you through all the amazing Adventures & Activities they got up to in their day.

Plenty of sensory activities such as making sensory charts and rattles.  We also enjoy hand painting, making salt dough impressions of hands and feet, playing with different foods and textures and we know loads of songs! We work around our little ones' routines and appreciate that nap times are important aspects of time indoors, with Mum and Dad's hot tips and our soothing techniques we aim to have your little ones kept in their sleeping schedules. 

Indoor fun under 3's

We love arts and crafts and make a new thing every day with the children, from masks and hats to lanterns and snowflakes if there is cutting and sticking then we are there. We are all little chefs at heart and make sure our little ones get the chance to play in the kitchen and bake their favourites. We love to paint faces and have our little ones go nuts painting ours! 

Indoor fun over 3's
Outdoor fun under 3's

Even our littlest of little ones need fresh air! Our nannies know the best places to go for little walks and pram journeys to soothe the tiny tots back to sleep or to fill their senses with the smells, sounds, and sights that fill them with happiness. When we are fully kitted out and prepared for the fun to be had outside, often it's the nannies that have to convince our little ones that it is home time. We love to go sledding, take cablecar rides to take in the views, build snowmen and decorate them, and collect items to craft with when we go back inside like pinecones! Special activities include going to the farm to meet the animals, swimming in the leisure center, and Soft play where we often meet new friends. We all know after a bit of hard playtime, we have to hit the strong stuff, which is why our nannies know the best places for the most decadent hot chocolates!

Outdoor fun over 3's

We can't go past our classic fun in the snow, t4nannies are masters of creating amazing iggloo's, and snowmen, and facilitating snow fights that even parents get involved in because they are just too much fun. When we see our kids enjoying the outdoors we know how to fully foster that interest, a simple afternoon of sledging can quickly turn into building a full sledging course and having races! With our older ones we love to take them ice skating, indoor rock climbing/ bouldering, and trampolining. Unique to t4nanny, we offer kids yoga sessions and swimming lesson's, we appreciate that not every child wants to be outside all the time but still wants to be learning new skills and playing in new environments.

Meal Times

Your nanny can either prepare lunch in your accommodation with food you have left for them and the children. Alternatively you can leave pocket money and they will either go to the supermarket and bring supplies back or they can take the children out to a restaurant. If you would like your children to join you for lunch simply let the nanny know where to meet!

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Sleep Routine

We understand the importance of nap time!
We plan every day around each little ones sleeping routine and combine both our soothing techniques along with mum and dad’s hot tips on what works best to ensure your little one gets a good quality rest in between all the holiday fun.

Ski School

If your child is attending Ski School, your nanny will drop them off & pick them up from ski school that day.
We know how important it is for families to feel apart of their young ones achievements, so our nannies make sure to ask the ski school instructors how things are going, and relay all the feedback back to you at the end of the day.

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t4nanny offers our full nanny services to both Val d'Isere & Tignes resorts.

Resort Activities & Indoor Play

Val d'Isere Outdoor Fun!

  • Outdoor ice rink

  • Amazing new swimming complex

  • Bouldering room

  • Climbing wall

  • Play park

  • Soft play area

  • Baby Swimming on Wednesday and Sunday with increased pool temperatures by 3 degrees

  • Visit the Animal Farm

Sledding (1).png

Tignes Outdoor fun!

  • Natural outdoor ice rink on the lake

  • Amazing new swimming complex

  • Indoor trampolines (free for under 5’s)

  • Climbing wall

  • Baby swimming on Sunday with pools temp increased by 3 degrees

  • Bowling

  • Watching the Husky Sledging

Indoor fun

  • Arts & Crafts

  • Games

  • Cutting & Gluing

  • Singing & Dancing

  • Cooking & Baking

  • Face Painting

  • Reading

  • Den building

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Our nannies live & work in resort.
Here is some helpful resort information.

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Instagram post - 66.png
Instagram post - 58.png

Visiting the Animal Farm

Instagram post - 57.png

Arts & Craft

Instagram post - 56.png

Snow fun & Sledding

Instagram post - 60(1).png

Cooking & Baking

Instagram post - 62(1).png

Swimming at the Pool

Instagram post - 61.png

Walking & Site Seeing

Instagram post - 63.png

Activity centre

Instagram post - 59(2).png

Cafe Outings

Flexible & Fun

Your solution to childcare in the French Alps

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