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We operate in all the Courchvel villages from Le Praz, 1650 and 1850.  Taking a child on a winter holiday can seem a daunting like task, but with the right planning, and a bit of t4 Nanny insider knowledge, it can be the most rewarding holiday you’ll ever have. Here is what makes Courchevel great for families!


The world class resort of Courchevel is as chic as it gets in the French Alps.  It makes no difference if you are arriving by coach or flying in on your personal helicopter you will have a holiday to remember here. With glamour surrounding you and ski terrain for everyone to enjoy you will not be disappointed.

Best Places to stay,

When looking for a place to stay, here are our top picks if the top of your priorities are;

Catered chalets

  • Value go to Mountain Heaven

  • Food and location go to Le Ski

  • Choice from budget conscious to flash go for

  • Something for everyoone - Skiworld

  • Boutique to go Ski Blue Bird

  • Luxury to go Kings Avenue


Self catering

  • Skiworld

  • Mountain Heaven

  • Evasion Alpine

Best Family Restaurants

  • Le Passage 1850

  • Bouc Blanc

  • La Galette

  • Pizzeria L’Igloo

Useful resorts websites

Best ski schools

Tess just happens to be a fully qualified ski instructor in France, so trust her.  She knows who’s hot and who’s not!

  • New Generation 

  • Marmalade

  • The Development Centre

Outdoor fun

  • Cabelcar Ride

  • Soft Play

  • Bowling

  • Iceskating

  • Sledging

Indoor fun for under 3’s

Plenty of sensory activities such as making sensory charts and rattles.  We also enjoy hand painting and we know loads of songs.  Sometimes the simple things are the best like banging of pots and pans with wooden spoons!

Indoor fun for Over 3’s

We love arts and crafts and make a new thing every day with the children from masks and hats to lanterns and snowflakes if there is cutting and sticking then we are there!

Flexible & Fun

Your solution to childcare in the French Alps

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